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We offer a wide range of services related to electromobility.

Our services

Whether you wish to electrify a moped, super sports car or a heavy goods vehicle: we help you develop a high quality, economic product.


  • Conducting studies related to electro-mobility and electrical applications
  • Supporting customers with system design and developing electric vehicles or devices
  • Consultations on choosing technologies, components and suppliers
  • System design for electric drive trains including battery, charging technology, drive electronics and power electronics
  • Standardised system design with high voltage safety regulations
  • Consultations and selection of battery technology (cell chemistry, size, capacity)
  • On-site customer support with commis-sioning and testing
  • Review of current projects and support with improvements


  • Development support from prototype to series production
  • Compiling system requirements and writing specification sheets or functional specifications
  • Mechanical integration of the power elec-tronics, motors and auxiliary equipment
  • Complete battery design including housing and integration (48V to 900V)
  • Electrical design including schematics and size
  • Designing cooling and air conditioning of power electronics, battery and cabin
  • Software development for vehicle control system and power electronics
  • HMI design for electric vehicles or controls
  • Preliminary design and consultation on functional safety according to ISO26262

Prototype Construction

  • Mechanical vehicle modifications and integration of power electronics
  • Converting existing vehicles to electric power trains
  • Design and manufacture of all mechanical parts
  • Design and configuration of power and signal cables
  • Design and implementation of control system including display
  • Software development for highly integrated vehicle control units (VCU)
  • Support with prototype approvals
  • Building prototype batteries for experi-mental vehicles

«The stone age didn’t end due to a shortage of stones
and the oil age won’t end due to a shortage of oil.»

A. Yamani

Management Board

Durot Electric – Team Fredi

Fredi Durot

As a graduate systems engineer he worked for the electromobility specialist Brusa Elektronik AG for eight years. He helped design and program power electronics and the configuration of overall systems. This includes high performance sports cars with torque vectoring, hybrid sports cars for long-distance races and all-electric systems with range extenders. His expertise also includes overall system design and functional safety. He is the co-founder and director of Durot Electric GmbH and head of development.

Durot Electric – Team Klaus

Klaus Pokorny

A committed electric vehicle owner and electrical engineer with vast experience in development and project management. As a solution-oriented sales engineer he has a keen sense for customer needs. His career includes top addresses in the Swiss electromobility field. This includes Brusa Elektronik AG, where he was responsible for developing batteries and managing custom vehicle developments. As co-founder and executive at Durot Electric GmbH he is the head of electronics development and sales.

Durot Electric – Team Roman

Roman Frehner

Shop manager with years of experience in construction machinery, special-purpose vehicle construction and electromobility. His broad knowledge includes both automotive engineering, mechanics and production, as well as 3D CAD design. As a man of action, project and production manager he is already converting lorries and all-terrain vehicles to purely electric power. He applied his years of experience, playing a major role in battery design and the setting up various projects from prototype to small batch series. As co-founder and executive he is responsible for mechanical development and building prototypes at Durot Electric GmbH.


We are continuously seeking motivated specialists to add to our team. We also like to offer trainees the opportunity to gain insight into the world of electromobility. Current vacancies:

Unfortunately we have no vacancies at this time.

Interested? Submit your résumé with a brief covering letter to info@durotelectric.ch.

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