Under vehicle battery for electric vehicles

Project Under vehicle battery

The battery was designed specifically to be mounted under the vehicle, facilitating integration for the vehicle manufacturer. A full 86 kWh of energy, power distribution and fast charge interface are located in a very small space.

Custom-fit integration

The battery designed by Durot Electric fits exactly to the underbody of a VW T5 and T6 and can be mounted in a few simple steps. The various mounting options make the battery an interesting option for other vehicles with similar space.

No modifications are required on the vehicle itself. So there are no drawbacks for potential MOT approval for retrofitting.

Various connections

The entire power distribution for the vehicle was integrated in the battery. This saves a lot of space and weight outside of the battery and considerably reduces the complexity of the overall vehicle. All connections for a vehicle with two drive units, heater, cooling, on-board charger and even for DC fast charger are there.

The DC fast charge port enables connecting a CCS or CHAdeMO inlet, thus increasing the possible vehicle uses for the end customer.

Power house

A full 86 kWh of power are located in a very small space. The battery has a 300 kW peak when discharging and can be charged with 62 kW of continuous power. At 177 Wh/L energy content including housing and power distribution, this battery is one of the most compact systems currently on the market.

Liquid cooling ensures each cell is cooled optimally, increasing the battery life. Performance is guaranteed at all times so it can even be used in the most extreme weather conditions.

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